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The Art and Science of Home Staging

by Conforti & Medina Realtors 06/14/2021

Today, home staging is a thriving bicoastal industry making inroads everywhere across the United States, with companies devoted both to renting furnishings and doing the actual staging.

There’s a reason for all this interest. Staging sells homes faster and attracts more buyer interest.

Some Tips for Artful Staging

Though functionality is key, you also want to follow basic design principles when staging your home. 

Paint Walls

Neutral colors appeal to most people, as do rooms that are well-lit. If shade or orientation is blocking the sun, invest in light bulbs that mimic natural lighting. The higher on the Kelvin rating scale, the more you’ll achieve a daylight look.

Float Your Furnishings

Floating means pulling your seating arrangements into the center of the room to create the illusion of a cozy gathering space. An area rug helps to complete this illusion. 

Decorate with Cameras in Mind

Most prospective buyers who enter your house are going to have already seen the pictures online. This is perhaps the best reason to avoid visual clutter. Spaces that are sleek and minimal look larger and more inviting in photos.

Don’t Neglect Curb Appeal

Your landscaping should be freshly maintained, with no dead or dying plants. Make sure that your gutters are clear and the front of the house has been power-washed, especially window sills. The approach creates a strong first impression that excites buyer interest in the house.